Elon Musk is known for his work in revolutionizing space travel, electric cars and even tunnel transportation, but his efforts also reveal his humanitarian side. Musk’s humanitarian efforts have ranged widely, from funding educational projects to helping hurricane victims in Puerto Rico. These are three ways Elon Musk is matching his technological innovations with his philanthropic efforts.

Musk has been involved in funding projects that aim to improve education. His recent donation of $15 million went to an XPRIZE program called Global learning. The program aims to “empower children to take control of their learning” and is a part of the XPRIZE Foundation. The foundation is a nonprofit designed to promote public competition that brings together fresh ideas on technological developments. The XPRIZE Program “challenges teams from around the world to develop open source and scalable software”. It aims to teach 250 children in developing countries basic literacy and arithmetic skills within 15 months.

Musk’s humanitarian efforts, include his support for XPRIZE Global Learning, focus on strengthening the basic foundation of education needed in developing countries. The program recently announced its five finalists that were providing open source and cutting-edge software solutions. The tech solutions from the five finalists will be put to test in Tanzania and the winner will provide innovative solutions to children on how to learn and teach themselves the basic skills of reading, writing and arithmetic .The Global Learning XPRIZE has partnered with UNESCO, the World Food Programme and the government of Tanzania to extend support to the finalists.